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Review by sussexonlinenews

Posted on: February 6th, 2024 by Cal Harriott

Ruby Turner plays live in the heart of Sussex

(Review by Adrian Stonley)


Fitting in dates around her more regular performances with Jools Holland we find ourselves half way through Ruby Turner’s 2024 solo UK tour and unsurprisingly at another sold out show, this time at the bijou venue that is Trading Boundaries near Fletching in East Sussex. Playing to a small but appreciative and enthusiastic audience she provides over two hours of vibrant and emotional music split over two sets. There really is something quite extraordinary about a Ruby Turner show. Not only is her vocal musicianship exquisite; her humour and stage rapport is entertaining, and she exudes professionalism throughout every minute of the evening.

On stage she is an absolute vocal powerhouse and a force of nature and provides a dynamic approach to the evening, with every song, every lyric, every note dripping with enthusiasm, passion and emotion; and this evening was no different with her providing an absolutely outstanding performance from the moment she first stepped out onto the stage to the last. On stage there really is no holding her back as she pours her entire heart and soul into her performance, leaving not only herself breathless at times but also the audience along with her.

Yet a Ruby Turner show is not just about her as a phenomenal singer, but also about the musicians who accompany her. To stay with the high level of accomplishment that she produces, the other band members have to be phenomenal and creative musicians in their own right, so ensuring that they have the ability to match her vocal dynamics as well as to create and add their own flourishes to take the musicianship and performance to higher and higher levels.

RUBY TURNER at Trading Boundaries, Sheffield Green 3.2.24 (pic Adrian Stonley)

The sets themselves are well balanced with four songs from her latest album, ‘Love Was Here’. We can’t call it her new album as it was released back during lockdown, but this is the first opportunity she has had to properly tour it since. Yet because of the time that we have had to embrace this album, these numbers now seem as much as old friends to us as the rest of the repertoire.

It’s fair to say such was the intensity and enjoyment resounding around this show that the two sets flew through time. The first set featuring more standard soul and gospel styled songs, whereas the second set leant more heavily towards the blues. Yet, both sets featured numbers that as they became more drawn out from the recorded versions took on lives of their own as the band, clearly fired up, took them through funky jazzy breakdowns, with guitar, bass and keyboard sounds washing over the audience in wave after wave of joyous complexity, interweaving with each other as each band member staked their own claim to the piece, before Ruby’s vocals soaring over the tumult, made each and every piece her own.

There was so much diversity and creativity on show that deliberating over every piece would turn this review into ‘War And Peace’, hence key moments specially deserving of mention must include ‘Masterplan’ from the All That I Am’ album, introduced as a particularly personal song for Ruby, with a touching anecdote in relation to her departed father. This tune in itself started with the keys gently introducing a soft soul shuffle before developing into a more rhythmic gospel tinged groove with Ruby’s vocals softly and smokily integrated over the top.

RUBY TURNER at Trading Boundaries, Sheffield Green 3.2.24 (pic Adrian Stonley)

‘Stay With Me Baby’, a top forty hit that was recorded for a Linda La Plante TV drama, brought a standing ovation at the end as she performed vocal gymnastics, taking the song through numerous singing styles before allowing Ruby to turn on a powerhouse performance as her vocals soared throughout the piece.

‘Runaway’ from her latest album ‘Love Was Here’ was in a similar vein starting with a light funky edge before developing into a band extravaganza as it became an up-tempo party complete with enthusiastic audience participation.

Though the piece de resistance quite simply was the set closer, the Etta James classic ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’, where Ruby opened up and held the audience for nearly three minutes whilst she sang from the bottom of her heart unaccompanied. Every note, every word dripped heartache and emotion and the overwhelming rapturous explosion of appreciation from the audience at the end was deafening. This was a purely and quite extraordinary performance. Those lucky enough to have seen this were left with the memories of a quite incredible night to remember. Quite simply, Phenomenal.

RUBY TURNER at Trading Boundaries, Sheffield Green 3.2.24 (pic Adrian Stonley)

Ruby Turner:
Ruby Turner – vocals
Nick Marland – guitar
Simon Moore – drums
Clint Williams – bass
Peter Daley – keyboards

Ruby Turner setlist:
Set 1:
‘On The Defence’ [‘Responsible’]
‘In My Life (It’s Better To Be In Love)’ [‘Women Hold Up Half The Sky’]
‘So Amazing’ [‘So Amazing’]
‘Masterplan’ [‘All That I Am‘]
‘A Better Way’ [‘Love Was Here‘]
‘Love Was Here’ [‘Love Was Here’]
‘Stay With Me Baby’ [Single]

Set 2:
‘That’s My Desire’ [‘That’s My Desire’ E.P.]
‘Blow Top Blues’ [‘That’s My Desire’ E.P.]
‘Under Your Sky’ [‘Love Was Here‘]
‘Runaway’ [‘Love Was Here’]
‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ (Etta James Cover) [‘Women Hold Up Half The Sky‘]
‘If You’re Ready (Come Go With Me)’ [‘Women Hold Up Half The Sky’]

Interview by whatsonlive

Posted on: February 6th, 2024 by Cal Harriott 

Ruby Turner talks ahead of Coventry show

When What’s On phones Ruby Turner at home, between gigs, the famed singer is far from idle, using her fleeting downtime to cram in all the things she doesn’t get a chance to do when she’s on the road.

“I’m governed by the diary, so when I’m back home, I’m speaking to the phone people, getting an MoT arranged, I have to check when the car tax is due… It’s exhausting dealing with life!” she laughs.

In recent years, Ruby has arguably become best known for lending her powerful vocals to Jools Holland’s Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, regularly touring the UK (and internationally) with them. She also appears on the musician & TV presenter’s annual televised New Year’s Eve Hootenanny. However, between excursions with Jools, the Birmingham-based songstress still finds time for her own solo appearances. Her latest tour stops off at such prestigious venues as London’s Ronnie Scott’s before concluding on Wednesday 6 March at Coventry’s Warwick Arts Centre.

“The solo shows I keep very separate. Solo, you can show your versatility. When you work with Jools, you’re working with a mighty orchestra – you have that power behind you. With my guys, you can cruise in at a three or four; with Jools you’re at a seven. But with both, you feel so alive.”

With a set list that can often span her entire career – from such hits as If You’re Ready (Come Go With Me) and I’d Rather Go Blind, to highlights from 2020’s Love Was Here collection – Ruby’s solo gigs see her focus on very different material to the concerts she performs with Jools… although they do occasionally share a tune.

“There are a couple of songs I’ve done that Jools has put in his set. There’s Blow Top Blues, which was on an EP I did back when I was doing theatre. I was in A Streetcar Named Desire and they asked me to do some incidental music between scene changes. I sang them live and they were recorded, which I didn’t know. The musical director played them to me about 10 years later, and I knew I had to put them out as an EP, because they sounded great. So I include Blow Top Blues in my set – and now you can also hear it with a big band. That’s the only real crossover.”

Now in her mid-60s, Ruby was born in Jamaica but moved to Handsworth in Birmingham aged nine. Although she impressed audiences (and critics) at the Crescent Theatre as a fresh-faced 16-year-old aspiring actress, she shifted her attention to music, gaining a reputation in the city at the same time as local bands Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Duran Duran and UB40 were also emerging.

Spotted by Culture Club, she joined Boy George’s pop band for live shows and recordings, which led directly to her own record deal and success in both the UK and US. But when her music career began to stall, she returned to the stage, appearing in such productions as Carmen Jones, Fame, Blues Brothers, Soul Sisters, One Love and the aforementioned A Streetcar Named Desire.

Music, however, was never far away, and in the early 90s she was introduced to Jools Holland in Birmingham. Sharing a love for ‘classic’ R&B, blues, jazz and gospel, the two hit it off and the former Squeeze keyboard player asked her to join him on stage.

“[Later] I got invited to do a year with Jools, then the diary turned up for another year… and I’m still touring with Jools! I’m such a lucky kid!”

Despite the lure of the US and London, Ruby – who was awarded an MBE in 2016 for her services to music – remains very much a West Midlands lass, residing on the south side of the city, which she reckons is the ideal spot.

“It’s perfect for me to get to the airport, I can get to the M40 or M42 in minutes, so it works out really nice for me. And my family are all still here in the Midlands – so I never wanted to be anywhere else. It’s been wonderful.”

After her solo dates and some time spent touring with Jools (which includes a return to Warwick Arts Centre on Wednesday 22 May), Ruby hopes to start working on a new album of her own.

“I met a woman at a gig. I sign albums and meet people, and I asked if she wanted any of them signing, and she said ‘I have all those! I’m waiting for the new one!’

“It’s nice when people ask for it. Rather than just putting out a new record every year, you just wait for the moment.”

Ruby Turner plays Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry on Wednesday 6 March.

Ruby Wows Warwick

Posted on: January 31st, 2023 by Cal Harriott

Ruby Turner at Warwick Arts Centre, 28 January 2023.

REVIEW by Maxine Burns.

Ruby Turner entered stage left bathed in a blue luminous glow, looking fabulous to be met with a rapturous welcome from a near-packed auditorium of fans. On stage, she joined the coolest of bands, Nick Marland on lead guitar, Peter Daley on keyboards, Des Woodbine on bass and Simon Moore on drums.

It was obvious from the warm welcome she received that the audience could not wait to hear that powerful and emotional singing voice of hers. She introduced herself with a track taken from her latest album, ‘Love was Here,’ recorded in 2020, explaining the lateness of the album’s release being down to the pandemic.

Ruby certainly didn’t disappoint and her many fans were transfixed by her energy and her interpretation of such classics as Curtis Mayfield’s, ‘People Get Ready,’ and a powerful rendition of the slow, jazzy, ‘Stay With Me Baby.’ Throughout the 2-hour show Ruby entertained with witty, good-natured responses to the humorous calls from her audience, many of whom she seemed to know from past gigs and her appearances with Jools Holland.

Her second set was slower, a tad more bluesy, and even more confident and dynamic. Here she introduced each member of her band, allowing them to show their musical prowess, and while all were great musicians, special mention must go to Nick Marland on lead guitar and backing vocals, and Peter Daley on keyboards.

Ruby sang a host of her most popular songs including ‘Runaway’ and ‘Under Your Sky’, while her interpretation of the Etta James classic ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ was stunning – you could have heard a pin drop in that packed auditorium. A good portion of the song was sung acapella which earned her a well-deserved standing ovation.

After a dazzling encore, Ruby left the stage, inviting the audience to join her for an album signing and photo opportunity. She will be doing a short tour in Europe later this year and has more dates booked at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London. If this performance was anything to go by – go see her!

Ruby Turner – Silent Night (Christmas Carols on ITV, Dec 12th 2018)

Posted on: December 8th, 2022 by Cal Harriott

Ruby, bringing on the Christmas spirit with “Silent Night”, for ITV’s Christmas Carols in December 2018. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Click here to watch from 9th December

New remix of a track from Ruby’s 1992 album, Never Ever (feat. Ruby Turner)

Posted on: December 6th, 2022 by Cal Harriott

There’s a new remix of a track from Ruby’s 1992 album, Never Ever (feat. Ruby Turner) – EP by Colour Castle & Doorly. Click here for a preview.

Watch on BBC – Bob Marley Reimagined

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Celebrate the rich legacy of reggae legend Bob Marley in a concert filmed live at Birmingham Town Hall, featuring some of his most celebrated songs and special guests including his grandson Skip Marley.

Presented by Trevor Nelson, this one-hour special reimagines Bob Marley’s greatest hits, including Get Up Stand Up, Exodus, Redemption Song and Waiting in Vain, all layered with new orchestration by Chineke!, Europe’s first majority black and ethnically diverse orchestra.

Chineke! are joined by singer-songwriter JP Cooper, gospel and R&B legend Ruby Turner, and Skip Marley, who makes his debut UK solo performance. Featuring interviews with the performers and members of the Marley family, this concert both honours and brings fresh interpretation to the beloved music of Bob Marley.

Click here to watch now

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee | Platinum Party at the Palace | BBC | 4th June 2022

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To Watch Ruby singing with Mica Paris and Nicola Roberts on the penultimate song ‘Climb Every mountain ‘go to  2:43, in on YouTube video here


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Sunday times – Fame & Fortune

Click here to see article

Watch some Great Videos from the 80’s

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Ruby Turner – Easy On Yourself (Estival Jazz, Lugano 1 June 1988) – click here to watch

Ruby Turner – I’m In Love click here

Ruby Turner – Paradise click here

Ruby Turner – It’s Gonna Be Alright click here

Ruby Turner – Step In My Shoes click here

Ruby Turner – I’d Rather Go Blind click here


Aretha Franklin influence

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Ruby discusses Aretha at 23:33 please click here

How To Build A Long Lasting Music Career – Singer-Songwriter-Actress Ruby Turner MBE

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Podcast with Millicent Stephenson to watch click here

Today my guest is Ruby Turner. With a music career spanning more than 30 years, Ruby Turner’s song “It’s Gonna Be Alright’ broke through by hitting number 1 on the US R&B Chart in 1990. What’s amazing about this is that it is rare for a British-Jamaican R&B, Soul and Gospel singer-songwriter. Ruby’s 20 albums and singles are best known in Europe and North America. She’s a session vocalist for Bryan Ferry, UB40, Steel Pulse, Jools Holland and Mick Jagger. She has written songs for Lulu, Yazz and Maxi Priest. Ruby is also an actress and her acting career spans Theatre, Films, TV Soaps, Documentaries, even BBC Music Judge for televised Choir competitions. Ruby awards include an MBE (Member of the British Empire) in the 2016 Birthday Honours for services to music. This interview was recorded through Zoom due to COVID-19 lockdown still easing, so you might perceive a slight change of audio quality between the introduction and the show. But don’t worry because the content is stella! Let’s welcome Ruby Turner.

Podcast with Barbara Dickson

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To Listen click here

Ruby on Jools-annual-hootenanny-20/2021

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Watch on iplayer now – click here

Ruby on Wogan many years ago!

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Ruby on Wogan many years ago! with Bob Wilson, Bob Lamb, Andy Jones, Billy, Paul & Nigel R

To watch the video please Click here

Unknown Warrior 100 – BBC1

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Live Coverage

Episode 1 of 2

HRH The Prince of Wales attends an event marking the centenary of the burial of the Unknown Warrior and the unveiling of the Cenotaph by King George V. Huw Edwards is at Westminster Abbey with experts to discuss the history of the mysterious Unknown Warrior, whose tomb has inspired similar monuments to the fallen worldwide.

The Order of Service will reflect the funeral of 100 years ago and incorporate two minutes silence at 11am. Ruby Turner performs Abide With Me, Cerys Matthews gives a reading, and there is an address by the archbishop of Canterbury.

Click here

Inheritance tracks BBC Radio 4 – Ruby Turner

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Click here to listen

VJ Day 75: The Nation’s Tribute

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In this final event to mark the 75th anniversary of VJ Day, Joanna Lumley is joined by a host of stars to celebrate and commemorate the conclusion of the Second World War. Hugh Bonneville, Sheridan Smith, Paterson Joseph, Sir Bryn Terfel, Sir Willard White and Nicola Roberts pay tribute to those who served in the campaigns in the Far East. Descendants and members of the military give thanks to the veterans of the Second World War in a spectacular event on Horse Guards Parade, London.

Ruby performs Now is the Hour for VJ day for the BBC article click here

Ruby Turner performs at the recording of VJ Day Commemorations on Horseguards Parade on Wednesday 29 July 2020. Photo by Mark Allan/BBC

Ruby Turner performs at the recording of VJ Day Commemorations on Horseguards Parade.
Photo by Mark Allan/BBC

Interview with Jeremy Williams-Chalmers

Posted on: June 30th, 2020 by Cal Harriott No Comments

British Jamaican R&B and soul singer is one of the greatest vocalists we have. Having recently spent a lot of time collaborating with Jools Holland, but earlier this year released one of the year’s finest albums – Love Was Here. With her latest single, A Better Way, faultlessly summing up the current global situation with a hopeful overview, we caught up with Ruby to find out more. Click here

Ruby celebrates releasing her 20th solo album in 2020 ‘Love Was Here‘

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Ruby released her sensational new album “Love Was Here” on January 24th, 2020.

To order your CD with a signed photo now, please click here

Ruby Front Cover_pp2

For digital downloads please Click here


Amazing reviews to read:

TY BACH Alex Gunningham April 2020″Another gem from Ruby Turner” click here for full review

The Sunday Times “Got To Be Done” makes an elegant opener & that standard is maintained.”

Clive Davis – Sunday Times January 26th, 2020 click here

The “One can only marvel Ruby’s versatility. As a vocalist, she spans the whole blues/soul/ R&B spectrum, & has been a major presence on the British scene since the late Seventies. Her unvarying capacity just to step forward & deliver a strong line, clear words, and powerful emotions are an unfailing & unique aspect of the musical life of this country. Perhaps the Halls of Fame and the honours system have a bit of catching-up to do”.

The Arts Desk click here

Somethin “Ruby Turner shines everywhere on “Love Was Here”. Her voice has the ability to lift, charge emotionally and occasionally drop the listener into a void, longing for more”.

BY SAMMY STEIN January 12th, 2020 click here

Blues Bytes “Ground-breaking songs destined to become classics of the genre in their own right, hewn from a gem who is the genuine article. An early contender for album of the decade.

DAVE SCOTT in Blues Bytes 14th Jamuary 2020 click here

Soul Express “It’s always a thrill to listen to new and exciting recorded music from Ruby”.

Soul express click here “The whole album is one of understated passion & heart, never brash and with no excesses. Ms Turner is a great singer, a lovely way to start the year”.

Angela Wyss at Music News click here

Birmingham Mail “This is Ruby’s best album”.

Paul Cole Sunday Mercury January 19th, 2020 click here

Blues Matters “A singer right at the top of her game”.

David Scott American Blues Scene January 23rd, 2020 click here

Dave Scott – Ronnie Scott’s – The Jewel in the Crown click here

Blues in Britain “Joyous & infectious. This set is a fine example of Ruby’s classic soul singing”.

Graham Munn – Ruby Turner Live @ The Artrix, Bromsgrove click here

Dave Scott – Ruby Turner Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, London 28.1.2020
The perfect intimate setting for this launch of Ruby Turner’s 20th solo album Love Was Here was sold out: indeed, a residency over two weeks was needed to meet demand, such is her popularity and status. click here

Rhythm & Booze “A superb vocalist & if soul is your thing, you would be hard pressed to find a better collection of passionate ballads & gutsy grooves”.

Graham Munn – Rhythm & Booze click here

Sheffield Telegraph collaboration on soul star Ruby Turner’s dream album by By Julia Armstrong click here or click here

Daily Mail – By Adam Woods – Ruby Turner has lent firepower to Mick Jagger, Steve Winwood, Rod Stewart and Jools Holland’s Rhythm & Blues Orchestra. Love Was Here is her 20th solo album, its sunny-day soul simple and modest but animated by Ruby’s gospel pipes, which swing, purr and sometimes let rip with the kind of understated virtuosity you’ve either got or you haven’t. click here

Fatea – by Rory Stanbridge – I firmly believe that this latest offering will again remind current fans of her pure unbridled vocal talent and introduce her voice to a whole new audience who will hopefully be as blown away by her talent as much as I am. click here

Echoes Mag – by Mike Atherton click here

MoJo click here

Music Republic Mag – By Simon Redley “Ruby is a singers singer & her chops are as innate as they come. This record is the best for a long time”. click here

Interview by Norman Darwen click here

A long time in the making, so Ruby Turner joins Ian Shaw once again on the Ronnie Scott’s Radio Show

A Short preview of Love Was Here

“This is the album I’ve always wanted to make” It also Includes ‘Chasing Love’, the soundtrack to the motion picture ‘The Host’ on General Worldwide release from January 17th, 2020 courtesy of Pearl Pictures.


Jeremy Vine Morning Show

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JEREMY VINE – Click here to watch
S2020 E31 | Thursday 13 February
120 min Channel 5
Jeremy Vine discusses and dissects the latest news, with guests Ruby Turner, Caroline Flint, Dan Wootton & Nina Myskow.
Ruby Performs live at the end of the show, to watch on twitter click here


The Ronnie Scotts Radio Show

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These last two Ronnie Scott’s Radio Shows have been a long time in the making.

We finally, managed to get Ruby Turner into the studio to chat with Ian Shaw, and this week, you can hear the second of our two specials.

Believe us, these are programmes you don’t want to miss.

This second programme was first broadcast on Jazz FM on February 7th 2020.

Image Ian Shaw.

To listen please click here

Ruby Turner in conversation with Cerys Matthews The Blues Show BBC radio 2 9pm 20/01/20 and a Fabulous interview with the lovely ⁦Robert Elms at BBC Radio London

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Singer and songwriter Ruby Turner joins Cerys to share some of her favourite records and talk about her brand new album which showcases her gospel, soul and blues roots.

Click here to listen now


Also a Fabulous interview with the lovely ⁦Robert Elms  at BBC Radio London, singing live ⁦with Peter Daley⁩ on piano

Click here to listen now Ruby is at 3:08


A little nonsense before we go live…. having a lovely day down in the Smoke !!! Click here

Ruby reveals just how quickly her new song Chasing Love, the theme for The Host Movie came about

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Pearl Picures The Host website Click here

The cast Click here

Film preveiw on YouTube Click here



Podcast – Lives in Music: Soul and Gospel legend Ruby Turner

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When Ruby Turner sang with Culture Club back in the 80s, she had big hair – but nobody had bigger hair on that tour than George…

Romantic notions? Pah! I had a theory that there must have been some sort of genius music teacher in Handsworth back in the seventies. Because for three years straight, that mixed and punchy Brum inner city suburb delivered an act each year that went on to shake the foundations worldwide: Steel PulseApache Indian, and Ruby herself.

And, face it, kids like Robin Campbell of UB40 and Ranking Roger of the Beat were hanging out at the shebeens, soaking it all up. Handsworth did a lot for popular music back in the day.

I put that notion to Ruby during our chat. She, as you’ll hear, slapped it right down as my being romantic and fanciful.

There’s not a lot of music in this podcast: copyright regulations prevent that. Any music has to be podcast-friendly. So no copyright infringements, and anything used must have the agreement of the performer. So there are no clips of Ruby to listen to, apart from when she bursts into song in mid conversation. That’s a shame, because the stuff she does with Jools Holland and with her own band is bloody marvellous. But skip down to the links list, and you can explore to your heart’s content.

Click here

Piers Morgan misnames Ruby on Good Morning Britain

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Seems we caused a stir, I forgive him says Ruby.




The Sun

Daily Star


Celebrity Insider

News Groove

The Nation Roar

The Girls Sun



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Come On In co-written with Ruby Turner released via digital platforms only on 11 October 2019

Available for download here

Click here for Jools creative video

 Click here to listen to a small preview

Read the first review here 

&  for another review 

Interview with Stewart Lee and Jools Holland on Steve Wright in the afternoon 1:34 mins in

 come on in

JoolsHolland and Ruby Turner. Photo credit Christie Goodwin sm

Music legend Jools Holland today announces the release of brand-new single Come On In through Warner Music. Following on from the recent news that Jools will be heading off on a European club tour with KT Tunstall in early 2020, the single sees him collaborate with the supremely talented Ruby Turner who co-wrote and sings on the track, which also features full accompaniment from the renowned Rhythm & Blues Orchestra.

Recorded at Jools Holland’s studio, the single has been long in the making. Ruby and Jools’ friendship and working relationship go back to the early 90s and they have been writing and performing together ever since.  Having just completed a summer tour with the Rhythm & Blues Orchestra they are about to embark on the much loved and acclaimed Winter tour which is now incredibly in its 23rd year.

Jools is also soon back on air on BBC TWO with Later…with Jools Holland and his BBC Radio 2 show.

The single will be available for download on all major platforms from 11th October.

Jools commented Ruby’s the greatest joy to work with. Whether we are on stage, in the studio, writing at home or running things backstage, we’re always in the same place – which is completely connected musically. Lyrically this song captures the beauty, kindness and humanity of Ruby Turner”

Ruby Turner added “When I wrote this song I was inspired by the wonderful BB King and Al Green, their commitment to music and love of gospel, blues and soul.  It gave me such peace and a strong sense of fellowship and gathering together.  I proposed it to Jools but his schedule is always so manic that it took him nearly two years to get to it.  I sang it down the phone to him and he wrote the music, changed the chorus, switched the bridge and structured it.  We then tried it out live, with no rehearsal, at one of his biggest shows we played that year…”

Written by Jools Holland and Ruby Turner

Published by Windswept Music London Ltd. a BMG Company.

Horn Arrangement by Phil Veacock

(P) 2019 Warner Music UK Ltd.

Track time: 2.43


Jools Holland – Piano

Ruby Turner – Vocals

Gilson Lavis – Drums

Mark Flanagan – Guitar

Dave Swift – Bass

Chris Holland – Organ

Derek Nash – Saxophone

Peter Long – Saxophone

Michael Rose – Saxophone

Jess Holder – Saxophone

Nick Lunt – Baritone Saxophone

Jon Scott – Trumpet

Jason McDermid – Trumpet

Jeff Brown – Trumpet

Winston Rollins – Trombone

Fayyaz Virji – Trombone

Roger Goslyn – Trombone

Louise Marshall – Backing Vocals

Mabel Holland – Backing Vocals

Laurie Latham – Shakers & Tambourines

Recorded and Mixed in the Pyramid Room at Helicon Mountain, Greenwich, 15th July 2019

Produced, Mixed, Engineered and Mastered by Laurie Latham

Assistant Engineer: Ron Burrow


Thursday 24 October Southend Cliffs Pavilion
Friday 25 October Southend Cliffs Pavilion
Saturday 26 October Peterborough East Of England Arena
Sunday 27 October Cambridge Corn Exchange
Thursday 31 October York Barbican
Friday 1 November Sheffield City Hall
Saturday 2 November Harrogate International Centre
Wednesday 6 November Stoke Victoria Hall
Thursday 7 November Bath Forum
Friday 8 November Watford Colosseum
Saturday 9 November Cheltenham Centaur
Thursday 14 November Reading Hexagon
Friday 15 November London Royal Albert Hall
Saturday 16 November London Royal Albert Hall
Wednesday 20 November Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Thursday 21 November Bradford St Georges
Friday 22 November Guildford GLive
Saturday 23 November Portsmouth Guildhall
Thursday 28 November Leicester DeMontfort Hall
Friday 29 November Birmingham Symphony Hall
Saturday 30 November Birmingham Symphony Hall
Sunday 1 December Southampton Mayflower
Wednesday 4 December Newcastle City Hall
Thursday 5 December Newcastle City Hall
Friday 6 December Glasgow SEC Armadillo
Saturday 7 December Glasgow SEC Armadillo
Friday 13 December Bournemouth Windsor Hall
Saturday 14 December Brighton Centre
Thursday 19 December Exeter Great Hall
Friday 20 December Plymouth Pavilions
Saturday 21 December Cardiff Motorpoint Arena
Sunday 22 December Manchester O2 Apollo




Ruby at BBC Radio 2 Beatles – Friday Night Is Music Night: The Beatles Orchestrated

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Click here to listen on BBC


Guy Garvey presents a unique performance of the Fab Four’s music from Abbey Road Studios, featuring the BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by Jules Buckley performing with guest singers Cerys Matthews, Katie Melua, Ruby Turner, Mark King and Level 42, Rick Astley, Oli Rockberger and the London Contemporary Voices. The concert takes place in Abbey Road’s iconic Studio One, the setting for many of the Beatles’ groundbreaking sessions of the late 1960’s as heard on albums including Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Abbey Road, which was released on 26 September 1969. This concert includes rarely heard arrangements of Beatles favourites arranged by their producer and the man dubbed ‘the 5th Beatle’, Sir George Martin. Among the songs featured are Come Together, Something, Golden Slumbers, We Can Work It Out, A Hard Day’s Night, She’s Leaving Home, The Fool On The Hill, The Long and Winding Road and Hey Jude.

Ruby Turner at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club (2019, Review)

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‘No theatrics, no gimmicks, and no nonsense… Turner dishes out raw emotion and powerful vocals’ 

Click here for full review

A video produced by John O’Hara

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A lovely video produced by John O’Hara promoting my new EP That’s My Desire. To watch click here

That’s My Desire

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Front Cover square tracklist

Ruby has a new EP ‘That’s my Desire’ available to order now at £5 +P&P

It’s a discovery of 5 lovely songs recorded 18 years ago, that was done for Andy Hay’s production of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’

Hope you enjoy this EP. Click here to order now

Click here to listen to a sample

Ruby Turner 1990 Interview with Donnie Simpson (Segment)

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Ruby chatted on Video Soul about her Paradise album, It’s Gonna Be Alright hit, and acts she’s worked with.

More videos available to watch on YouTube here

Ruby Turner at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

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Ruby Turner at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

An evening of masterful and raw soul music.

With an active career since the 1980s, Ruby Turner surely sits among the old guard of British soul. While perhaps lacking the mainstream recognition of British soul singers such as Beverley Knight and Joss Stone, the Jamaican born vocalist and songwriter continues to be adored and celebrated by her fans – and never struggles to sell out a concert.

Last night’s performance at Ronnie Scott’s – the world renowned, exquisite jazz club in the heart of Soho, London – was a case in point. Having recently finished a New York residency with long-term collaborator Jools Holland, Turner has returned to Ronnie Scott’s for three sold-out concerts (19th-21st February 2017). For soul music fans who have sadly missed out on this, let this review be an encouragement to seek out any future opportunities to hear and see Ms Turner perform.

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Reviews for Ruby Turner – Livin’ A Life Of Love: The Jive Anthology 1986-1991

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I Music – Review

Music Republic Magazine – Review

Classic Pop – December – Exclusive Magazine – Review

SoulandJazzandFunk – Review

A GREAT U.S. Review. 

Ruby with Jose’feliciano

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ruby with Jose'feliciano lowres

Cherry Red are releasing an Anthology of Ruby’s recordings 1986-1991

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Released November 10, 2017.

As part of its much acclaimed anthology series, SoulMusic Records is very proud to present “Livin’ A Life Of Love – The Jive Anthology, 1986-1991” a wonderful retrospective covering much-loved, Jamaican-born, British-based Ruby Turner’s five-year tenure with Jive Records.

• As part of its much acclaimed anthology series, SoulMusic Records is very proud to present “Livin’ A Life Of Love – The Jive Anthology, 1986-1991” a wonderful retrospective covering much-loved, Jamaican-born, British-based Ruby Turner’s five-year tenure with Jive Records.

• Ruby spent her formative years in Birmingham and began her recording career in 1980, cutting singles for the independent Sunflower label. Building a reputation for herself as one of the foremost singers and performers on the British soul scene, Ruby signed with Jive Records, cutting her first LP, “Women Hold Up Half The Sky” in 1986 which included her Billy Ocean-produced duet with Jive label-mate Jonathan Butler on a cover of The Staple Singers’ 1973 hit, ‘If You’re Ready (Come Go With Me)’. The LP yielded three further UK charted singles including ‘In My Life (It’s Better To Be In Love)’, written and produced by Monte Moir (formerly of The Time); a rare extended version of the track is included here along with the 1987 charted single version of ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’, a constant show-stopper in Ruby’s live shows.

• Lovingly compiled by renowned US musicologist and writer Justin Kantor (who provided stellar liner notes with extensive 2017 quotes from Ruby herself), this 2-CD set includes six tracks from the soulful singer’s 1988 album “The Motown Songbook” along with seven tracks from her 1989 set, “Paradise” including the US No. 1 R&B hit, ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’. The anthology also features six tracks from Ruby’s final Jive LP, “The Other Side” with production by Womack & Womack and Hula & K. Fingers.

• Rarities that will please Ruby’s steadfast global following include ‘Another One Night Stand’, previously available as a bonus track on a Japanese version of “Paradise”; the Brixton Bass Mix of ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’; the Da Posse Mix of ‘The Other Side’; and the New 7” Edit of ‘It’s A Cryin’ Shame’. Still very active as a live performer (often with the famed Jools Holland Orchestra) and as a recording artist with her own label, Ruby remains one of Britain’s most enduring soul singers and this anthology showcases her stellar legacy as such.

Track List:
1. IF YOU’RE READY (COME GO WITH ME) – duet with
Jonathan Butler
12. BABY I NEED YOUR LOVIN’ – with The Four Tops
13. WHAT BECOMES OF THE BROKENHEARTED – featuring Jimmy Ruffin


BBC Proms 2017: Stax with Jools Holland

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BBC Proms 2017: Stax with Jools HollandClick here to watch on BBC iPlayer available until October 1st


A tribute to soul label Stax, with Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, Booker T Jones, Sam Moore, Sir Tom Jones, William Bell, Steve Cropper, Eddie Floyd and others.

Founded in 1957, Memphis-based Stax Records was synonymous with Southern soul – a distinctive blend of funk, gospel and R&B that brought listeners across America together at a time of racial conflict and political unrest. In this Late Night Prom, Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra pay tribute to the pioneering label and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stax/Volt Revue’s first tour of the UK, in a concert featuring some of the label’s greatest surviving artists. Stax legends Booker T Jones and Sam Moore appear alongside Sir Tom Jones, a longtime fan and interpreter of the Stax songbook.

Both Jones and Moore were part of the 1967 tour and join fellow Stax artists William Bell, Steve Cropper and Eddie Floyd in this unique coming-together. They are joined by more fans of the Stax sound in Beverley Knight, James Morrison, Nadia Rose & Sweetie Irie and Ruby Turner.


Glastonbury 2017 – Ruby with Jools Holland & His Rhythm And Blues Orchestra

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Amazing Performance at Glastonbury, click here to watch Ruby perform 5 songs with Jools Holland & His Rhythm And Blues Orchestra go 43 min’s in to see Ruby


Ruby at Ronnie Scott’s – Telegraph review

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Ruby Turner brings Ronnie Scott’s to its feet, and all the best jazz and folk of 2017

Click here for full review

“Stay With Me Baby” Video of Ruby with Jools Holland Live At The Ritz (ITV 1994) – OFFICIAL

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“Stay With Me Baby” Video of Ruby with Jools Holland Live At The Ritz (ITV 1994) – OFFICIAL  Click here to watch.

Jools’ Annual Hootenanny 2016

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Join us New years eve as Jools welcomes in 2017 with his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra.

For more details please click here

Ruby awarded MBE in Queens Birthday honours list

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R&B gospel and soul singer – Thirty-year career has seen her top US R&B chart, work with Brian Ferry, UB40, Mick Jagger and Jools Holland
Honour: MBE for services to music

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BBC Songs of Praise

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Gospel singer Ruby Turner surprises the passengers at Birmingham New Street Station with a flash mob-style performance of Gospel classic This Train. Click here to watch on BBC iplayer

Ruby Turner – Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

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Ruby Turner pours so much of herself into every show that it’s impossible not to be moved by the intensity, velocity and emotional power of her music. The Epstein Theatre is a beautiful, relatively small venue, a little time capsule of the charm of epochs; and such as it is, Ruby is barely containable. Click here to read in full

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year – Jools Holland & Ruby Turner Live Session for Jazz FM

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Please Click link for video Jools Holland & Ruby Turner Live Session for Jazz FM

HUGE thanks to Jools Holland and Ruby Turner, who just gave us this very special Christmas gift… a jazz version of #SilentNight

Posted by Jazz FM on Saturday, 19 December 2015

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Jools & Ruby new album – Released 4th December

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Released 4th December new album Jools & Ruby

Jools & Ruby, the 22-track release featuring a selection of the duo’s favourite songs performed together – in addition to a number of newly recorded tracks. Order now on Amazon: Click here

Please Click here to see a short video


Jools & Ruby Jools & Ruby is a unique collection of collaborations between the boogie-woogie master Jools Holland and the UK’s queen of soul Ruby Turner.Featuring a selection of the duo’s personal favourites and crowd-pleasers, including four new recordings, Jools & Ruby has been released on East West.

The album features a number of new recordings including Peace In The Valley and Same Old Heart plus brand new compositions Pray Have Mercy, co-written by Jools & Ruby, and Christmas Song with the music written by Jools to accompany the poem by Wendy Cope. Additional tracks include airwaves favourites The Informer, Jumpin’ In The Morning, and This Train.

Jools Holland and Ruby Turner first met 22 years ago when Jools was looking for singers to join his big band. Ruby’s incredible voice matched her big personality and the two soon became dear friends. Describing Ruby as the sister he never had, Jools even invited the singer to perform at his wedding. The duo have gone on to write and record music together and travelled the world with tours alongside the much-loved Rhythm & Blues Orchestra (currently on their thirty-four date Autumn/Winter Tour across the UK and Ireland).


November 30th: The Andrew Marr Show – BBC One, Sunday 9.00am

The Andrew Marr Show

After two wonderful nights at London’s Royal Albert Hall, Jools Holland and Ruby Turner closed The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday morning with a touching stripped down version of Same Old Heart, a new song they have co-written for their brand new album Jools & Ruby, out on Friday 4th December.

Jools, on piano, and Ruby, on vocals, were accompanied by Louise Marshall and Mabel Ray on backing vocals and Gilson Lavis on drums.

In case you missed it, the performance is on iPlayer till the End of December.

Other illustrious guests on the show were Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, defence secretary Michael Fallon and deputy leader of the Scottish National Party, Stewart Hosie.

New Album Jools & Ruby

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We are very excited to announce a brand new album released 4th December from Jools Holland & Ruby Turner. A collaboration with the astoundingly soulful Ruby Turner, the 22-track release will feature a selection of the duo’s favourite songs performed together – in addition to a number of newly recorded tracks. For more information on track-listing and to order, click here. JOOLS & RUBY

The album features a number of new recordings including Peace In The Valley and Same Old Heart plus brand new compositions Pray Have Mercy, co-written by Jools & Ruby, and Christmas Song with the music written by Jools to accompany the poem by Wendy Cope. Additional tracks include airwaves favourites The Informer, Jumpin’ In The Morning, and This Train.

Jools Holland and Ruby Turner first met 22 years ago when Jools was looking for singers to join his big band. Ruby’s incredible voice matched her big personality and the two soon became dear friends. colors dom whois Describing Ruby as the sister he never had, Jools even invited the singer to perform at his wedding. The duo have gone on to write and record music together and travelled the world with tours alongside the much-loved Rhythm & Blues Orchestra.

You can buy Jools & Ruby here.

1. Peace In The Valley (Thomas Dorsey)
2. Roll Out Of This Hole (Jools Holland/Ruby Turner)
3. The Informer (Ash Howes Radio Mix) (Jools Holland)
4. Pray Have Mercy (Jools Holland/Ruby Turner)
5. Christmas Song (Music by Jools Holland on a poem by Wendy Cope)
6. Same Old Heart (Jools Holland)
7. Remember Me (Jools Holland)
8. Honey Hush (Lou Turner)
9. Boring (Jools Holland/Chris Difford)
10. My Country Man (Leroy Kirkland/Sid Wyche)
11. When I Get Home (Jools Holland/Chris Difford/Ruby Turner)
12. Jumpin’ At The Jubilee (Joe Turner)
13. Love Made Them Do That (Jools Holland)
14. To Love A Child (Jools Holland)
15. This Train (Sister Rosetta Tharpe)
16. You Are So Beautiful (Billy Preston/Bruce Fisher)
17. Count Me In (Jools Holland/Mark Flanagan)
18. Nobody But You (Cynthia Weil/Barry Mann)
19. Get Away Jordan (William McDade)
20. I Still Went Wrong (Jools Holland/Ruby Turner)
21. Jumpin’ In The Morning (Ray Charles)
22. Precious Lord (Thomas A. Dorsey)

Interview with Steve Wright

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BBC Radio 2 – Steve Wright in the afternoon, Click here to listen now

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Interview with Claire Balding BBC Radio 2

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Latest Single

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‘Putting you First’ from the album ‘All That I Am‘ has today made it straight on to BBC Radio 2 playlist.

It was released by download on 17th July 2015


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Review – Ruby at Sheffield Hall

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Email sent to Ruby

Sent: Fri, Mar 20, 2015 11:49:32 PM

I cant remember going to a concert (or performance) where everything was so good and came together so well.  Lady Ruby never missed a note, from a classic ensemble of songs, and boy, her band were not just competent, they were amazing.
It takes a really great vocalist to accompany or lead a group of musicians so proficient, so incredibly talented, as they were tonight.  It was like having Eric Clapton on guitar, Stevie Wonder on the keyboards, Buddy Guy on drums, and dear recently departed Andy Fraser on bass.  What a fantastic band they were, and how well did they blend, lead, follow, mulch….with Ruby’s vocals.
I kept thinking of the word ‘rigour smilist’. Its what sets in when you have a permanent smile fixed to your face (and you cant help it) because the sheer quality of what you are hearing brings it on.
Ruby you were magnificent.  Band, you were magnificent.  Ruby – will you marry me??!!  Band, you can be best men!!
Seriously, the best musical event I have been to in the past 25 years, and maybe even more than that”


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Sunday Mercury votes ‘ALL THAT I AM’ Top 10

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The Festive 50 – Sunday mercury Sunday, December 28th 2014

1. LEWIS WATSON: The Morning

Debut album by the Youtube sensation from Bicester includes Stones Around The Sun, one of the year’s best songs.2. A GREAT BIG WORLD: Is There Anybody Out There?

Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino write witty pop, but Say Something, featuring one Christina Aguilera, is heartbreaking.3. JENNY LEWIS: The Voyager

Former Rilo Kiley frontwoman Jenny Lewis revels in skewed story-telling pop and rock with a subversive edge4. RON POPE: Calling Off The Dogs

Great set list highlighted by show-stealers Explain and Nothing will surely be coveted by all X-Factor wannabes.5. PASSENGER: Whispers

Brighton’s Michael Rosenberg’s quirky voice stole hearts this year – but standout Bullets is deliciously disturbing.6. TWIN ATLANTIC: Great Divide

The Glaswegian festival favourites give The Killers a run for their megabucks with irresistible pop hooks and rock riffs.7. ED SHEERAN: X

There’s no stopping the carrot-topped troubadour, who builds on his debut with the most streamed album in the world.8. GEORGE EZRA: Wanted On Voyage

Where on earth does that amazing, old beyond his years, voice come from? Well, actually it’s from Hertfordshire.9. NINA PERSSON: Animal Heart

The only Cardigan you’ll ever want to find under the Christmas tree, Nina’s warm pop vocal gives you a huge hug.10. RUBY TURNER: All That I Am

Birmingham soul queen Ruby returns with an eclectic genre-striding set, including a

delightful duet with Passenger.



Jools Holland and Ruby Turner on their easy friendship

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Whether they’re on a world tour, writing music together or hanging out at home, Jools Holland and Ruby Turner enjoy a harmonious friendship.

Candice Pires -The Observer, Sunday 30 November 2014 Click here to read the full story

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Special offer

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We have extended our ‘Free delivery’ on all orders via this website. Click here to visit our shop

If you are a registered user, you will have received an email with a link offering you a double up offer, All That I Am & Responsible for only £15, this offer is still available via the link on that email. dom whois check broken links . server dns information

All That Ruby Is….The Ruby Turner Interview

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After a five year break, the ever-lovely RUBY TURNER has just released her latest album, ‘All That I Am’ (see our review archive). In a very busy schedule Ruby found the time to speak with soulandjazzandfunk about the LP, and after being in the business for over 35 years we began by asking her what if felt like to be perceived as “the elder stateswoman of UK soul”…. indeed one eminent soul commentator described her as “a National Treasure”….

To be called “Natural Treasure and Elder Stateswoman” is flattery indeed… And it makes me smile. Of course it’s subjective and could have been worse! I’m of course grateful and accept this acknowledgement humbly, as it can only mean, I’m still visible after 30 years or more in this business

Click here for more

Yorkshire Times review

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Ruby Turner is best known as being a member of Jools Holland’s touring band. It is easy to forget that before this she had a successful solo career.

Her new album covers many bases such as blues, gospel, R&B and country music. Two tracks on the album are co-written with the chart topping Passenger (Mike Rosenberg).

You could imagine Tina Turner singing some of the songs on the album such as Putting You First and Hello Baby. The album opens up with a gospel track Mighty Hard Time. austin cloud . Passenger duets with her on Fire in My Heart, a country tinged track that suits both their voices well.
Click here for more

Ruby Turner and her Band tour

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See Ruby & her band on tour from Jan 2015

See Tour dates available domains

Radio To Go review – Midlands music stories from Robin Valk

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Ruby Turner – All That She Is A catch up with an old friend, someone I’m proud to know: Miss Ruby Turner. She’s got a corker of an album out, on her own label; she launched it by waltzing onto the top show on the biggest station in Europe – Chris Evans on Radio 2. Nice work if you can get it. Ruby gets it because she’s earned people’s respect. Read More


Pride of Birmingham

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RubyPrideofBrum2Click here to read more minecraft server .

Chris Evans Live Radio Session

Posted on: September 8th, 2014 by Ruby Turner No Comments

Ruby did a wonderful session with amazing guests Jon Hamm, Peter Capaldi and Daniel Radcliffe. She really enjoyed this hope you will too. Click here and have a listen 

Jazz FM Live Session

Posted on: September 8th, 2014 by Ruby Turner No Comments

Ruby has recently recorded a great live session for Jazz Fm promoting the new album. Click here if you would like to watch on YouTube colors


Posted on: August 18th, 2014 by Cal Harriott No Comments

Ruby has released her brand new album, ‘ALL THAT I AM’. Order now and receive your free autographed photo with your delivery. She’s already had air time for the upcoming single ‘Move On’, press play on the home page to listen to a sample! Keep checking the website and social media for more news and keep listening out for Ruby on the radio, as she is now on BBC2’s playlist.




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Soul and Jazz and Funk review

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Though she may not relish the accolade, Ruby Turner has assumed the mantle of the elder stateswoman of UK soul. She has enjoyed a slew of hits and her albums were always chart riders. But the lady has ever been ready to diversify. She’s acted, done TV documentary work, mentored and judged on televised gospel contests; she’s also savvy enough to have run her own record label and in the last few years, of course, Ruby’s become a semi-permanent fixture in Jools Holland’s touring band, ensuring her profile remained prominent.

Now after a five year gap, Ms Turner has released this latest album – a 14 tracker that reflects the diversity manifest in her career. ‘All That I Am’ proffers all kinds of flavours but the most prominent is catchy pop/soul with a hint of AOR – the kind of music that sits easily on the playlist of Radio 2. ‘Hello Baby’, ‘Fire In My Heart’, ‘Move On’ and the lightly reggae-flavoured ‘Putting You First’ are good examples of what I mean. Pleasant and innocuous, Ruby, I’m sure, could knock stuff like this out in her sleep.

The better tracks occur when she challenges herself… and there’s no bigger challenge in soul than to try and cover the classic Southern soul cheating song ‘Dark End Of The Street’. It’s been recorded dozens of times and though Ruby will be first admit that her version pales alongside those of, say, James Carr and Aretha, Ruby and her team acquit themselves well and achieve just the right amount of ironic churchliness that the Penn/Moman classic demands. Yes, they get it right…. even down the country garnishes.

The album’s other big cover is a treatment of the Rodgers and Hart standard, ‘I Didn’t Know What Time It Was’. Wisely it’s kept simple – with just stark yet effective piano accompaniment courtesy of Reuben James.

Best of the original materials is the understated ‘Master Plan’ on which Ruby shows that she knows that with soul, it’s often what’s left out that’s more important than what’s crammed in. Of note too is the opening ‘Mighty Hard Time (A Prayer)’ on which the singer is proud to bare her gospel roots.
Click here

BBC 2 radio play list

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We are pleased to say BBC radio 2 have confirmed that we will be on their regular play list so listen out for Ruby’s new single Move On. Click here

‘Move On’ now available on itunes

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Click here for Ruby’s new single ‘Move On’available by download also features on her new album ‘ALL THAT I AM’ available to pre-order on this site. domain keywords

BBC Radio2 Weekend Wogan

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Tune in this Sunday 27th July 12-1 and Listen for Ruby’s new single ‘Move On’ Click here for more info domain ip .

Liverpool Echo review

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klänningen är  Balklänning mycket konsekvent med temat i filmen, är snabb brors leende full av värme. Top spets delar av en svart och hård, särskilt små röd klänning, hon ser ut som en naiv Linjiaxiaomei, utan saker som en  Balklänning online ädel prinsessa. ip info

‘All That I Am’ The new album is coming soon

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Ruby is releasing a brand new album, ‘All That I Am’. Be one of the first to receive it, Pre-order now for delivery mid August. She’s already had air time for the upcoming single ‘Move On’, press play on the home page to listen to a sample! Keep checking the website and social media for more news and keep listening out for Ruby on the radio.

‘Move On’ Played on Radio 2

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The new single ‘Move On’ was played for the first time on air by Clare Balding on her Good Morning Sunday show on Radio 2, click here to Listen > to the show and keep an ear out for Ruby! name for web design company