Review – Ruby at Sheffield Hall

Email sent to Ruby

Sent: Fri, Mar 20, 2015 11:49:32 PM

I cant remember going to a concert (or performance) where everything was so good and came together so well.  Lady Ruby never missed a note, from a classic ensemble of songs, and boy, her band were not just competent, they were amazing.
It takes a really great vocalist to accompany or lead a group of musicians so proficient, so incredibly talented, as they were tonight.  It was like having Eric Clapton on guitar, Stevie Wonder on the keyboards, Buddy Guy on drums, and dear recently departed Andy Fraser on bass.  What a fantastic band they were, and how well did they blend, lead, follow, mulch….with Ruby’s vocals.
I kept thinking of the word ‘rigour smilist’. Its what sets in when you have a permanent smile fixed to your face (and you cant help it) because the sheer quality of what you are hearing brings it on.
Ruby you were magnificent.  Band, you were magnificent.  Ruby – will you marry me??!!  Band, you can be best men!!
Seriously, the best musical event I have been to in the past 25 years, and maybe even more than that”


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